The benefits of massage

Why massage is useful

It is impossible to overestimate the power of the massage procedures. These sessions of relaxation and treatment are well-known from the drainage system, and today they are used popularly among all layers of the population – from infants to bedridden patients. There are several methods, each with which has its own positive aspects near certain problems in the body. For example, you can dare massage suggestions with a full set of functions – from rolling and stroking to IR heating and the Shiatsu method. Such a mechanism will make it possible to distribute therapy sessions at home, and to restore strength at any convenient time without wasting money.

Benefit and harm

The different influence of the massage is known to all specialists and people who really would have experienced the response of such procedures to your body:

increased blood flow in the lymph;
metabolic processes are activated;
muscle activity increases;
toxins and slags come out;
the natural blooming of the skin is restored;
burns fat deposits and cellulite and so on.

Auntie, people who are unable to make a visit to the master’s office choose more accessible, but less effective methods for the illiterate. For example, a massage chair for an armchair, which you can buy even on the Internet, allows you to recuperate in any position – sitting and horizontally. At the same time, manufacturers have endowed home devices with a full range of functions, from automatic shutdown to built-in moving rollers.

Then, the known positive effects of rubbing have the following therapeutic effect:

rehabilitation of the nervous system, relief of stress and depression;
relief from migraines and pressure;
production of enodrfin – the hormone of happiness;
defensive structure of bone tissue and muscles;
the body’s intercession in the external environment and internal experiences increases;
massaging the head, which is assisted by a massage lionfish on a chair for the home, relieves spasms, increases cerebral activity and prevents nerves from escaping openly even in critical situations;
anti-cellulite sessions allow you to reproduce body contraction in addition to plastic surgery, but also to normalize hormonal color after childbirth and a passive lifestyle.

Despite the many advantages, any massage action should be carefully planned and thought out, and in turn should not harm individual organs. For this, it is recommended to get a consultation and consultation from your therapist and treating neurologist. daily workouts, sports and water treatments in combination with massage sessions will always allow you to lose shape, regardless of age and life problems.