Thai body massage

Body massage as a means of combating depressive conditions

Overwork at work, a difficult relationship with a partner often lead to prolonged depression. It is especially difficult to cope with such a disorder during spring beriberi or autumn blues. But there is an excellent tool that will quickly bounce back.
Massage with elements of eroticism

If it is not possible to take a few days off and fly to the sea, then erotic massage will be a worthy substitute and will allow you to forget about troubles, “let go” of difficult problems and tune in to the positive. More detailed information and necessary contacts can be found on the website. For those who are going to a masseuse for the first time, it is important to know about the peculiarities of the visit.

Complete privacy and maximum privacy. You do not need to provide any personal data, you can only decide on the type of massage. There is no one in the room except the client and the girl.
A relaxing atmosphere that includes sterile supplies, semi-darkness, pre-session showers, pleasant music and exciting aromas.
Lack of full sexual contact. The massage parlor has nothing to do with the sphere of intimate services.
A completely naked masseuse who touches a man with her whole body: buttocks, breasts, hair.

Features of Thai body massage

More than two thousand years ago, the technique of incredible Thai erotic massage in Kiev was discovered. At the same time, an erotic type of massage began to be performed, which gives real pleasure to men. Previously, such a procedure was performed exclusively by the rich, but now it is available to everyone. You just need to order a Thai body massage in the salon.

The procedure for performing this type of massage is different from other types. If an ordinary session involves the use of such techniques as rubbing, vibration, kneading, then in the process of carrying out Thai massage, attention is focused on stretching and pressing.

There are a number of principles that serve as the basis of massage, whether it is erotic or not. These principles include:

beginning of the procedure – massaging the limbs, moving to the body, returning to the limbs;
all actions are performed in the direction from the legs to the head;
As with other types of massage, initially a soft and gentle effect on the body is carried out. After this, the movements become stronger and more intense;
regardless of whether it is an erotic or ordinary massage, the action is performed throughout the body. Each movement is done with equal force on all sides of the body.

There are many subtleties in the implementation of a session of this type of massage. All masseuses are familiar with them and do their best to fully satisfy their clients. Among the large number of features, there are:

the session begins with the client lying on his back;
in the process, the client will change position in the following sequence: turning to the right and left sides, lying on his stomach, sitting position.

Before the start of the session, the surface must be warmed up with the help of the fingertips.