Important nuances

Important nuances of erotic massage

Эротический массаж в КиевеConducting an erotic massage, you can use feathers, ice, aromatic oil. You need to make a choice of oil that your partner will like. Naturally, you can buy a special oil for massage, but great results can be achieved by mixing the non-sticky base composition with essential oil, thereby selecting your favorite scent. Erotic Kiev is carried out in various specialized salons, although such a massage can be easily done at home.

The main difference between this massage is the rhythm. Each body has its own inner rhythm. When you feel the rhythm of your partner – great, you need to be in it, if there is no rhythm yet, you need to set it yourself. After a certain period of time, the required rhythm is developed. Before starting to take any action, you need to completely calm down, tune in, merge with your partner before breathing.

The purpose of this session is to excite the partner. It should be noted that a professional masseuse should not touch the client’s genitals during the massage. The skill of true professionals is for a man to reach the peak of pleasure exclusively through gentle stroking and action on erogenous areas.

One of the main secrets is that the partner must be teased. For a certain time, the massage is carried out intensively, after which a weakening occurs, and after some time, only fingers begin to touch the body. You should use this technique in the process of working on each part of the body.

And also erotic massage acts as an excellent diagnosis that allows you to see the number of blocks in a person and eliminate them.

Learning intimate massage

Any type of erotic massage will mean a massage between the partner’s legs, which will give him a lot of pleasure. If an erotic massage is done to a girl, then she should be ready for the massage of the clitoris and vagina. Most women get not only pleasure from this massage, but also an orgasm.

For erotic massage, it is best to use special lubricants. Do not use lotions or other creams as they can cause dryness or irritation.

It is necessary to do intimate massage with the fact that the masseur should focus on the intimate area, and then begin gentle stroking of the pubic part. It is very important that the movements are smooth and gentle. You need to make sure your partner is doing well and that you are not pulling or pinching her skin.

After that, you need to slowly go to the clitoris area and massage it for a while, and then smoothly move on to massage the vagina. During such a massage, you need to massage every cell and do it in a certain rhythm.
Subsequent actions of erotic massage will be that it is necessary to simultaneously start massaging the clitoris and point G. In order for the partner not to be hurt, it is necessary to use a sufficient amount of lubricant or lubricant. After that, you can massage the G-spot and stimulate for a while. In order to make sure that your partner gets the most out of it, you can look at a small bump that you are massaging and it will become engorged.

During an erotic massage, one should not forget that the clitoris is quite sensitive, therefore, you should not overdo it with its massage, as a woman may experience discomfort and then she will not receive relaxation and pleasure from an erotic massage.