Erotic massage

Erotic body massage. What to wait

Many people have heard about such a miracle as body massage, but not everyone correctly imagines this process. This is a whole art that Asian people studied for the first time. For example, this applies to Thais. So, what is body massage?


Сексуальая девушкаInitially, this type of erotic massage in Kiev was considered only a wellness operation for the body. To learn the technique, masseurs attended special lessons, where they talked about all points of the body, the influence on which makes a person more powerful, healthier and more cheerful. The requirement is valid both ways. Poor massage condemns a person to hypochondria, exhaustion, and can aggravate health conditions.

Body erotic massage Kiev in the traditional understanding of Asian people is an operation that has nothing to do with sex or eroticism. It appears that there are some lines on the human body, at the points of union of which windows are created. As if through them the energy of the universe enters the body, which is actually needed by everyone among us. The goal of the massage therapist is to open these windows as fully as possible. Again, the wrong massage completely seals the galactic energy entrance. According to the laws, the operation takes more than 3 hours, and as a rule, travelers to Asian states prefer the usual hour or two.

Love massage

Love body massage has one characteristic feature. It makes it possible to achieve sexual release without direct sex. In other words, masseurs (or, rather, masseuses) lead the customer to orgasm only with their own body, and without copulation. How does this happen? Thai body massage involves several steps that must be followed, regardless of whether the client is a girl or a guy.

Round one: adaptation

As a rule, a massage room consists of 2 elements: a bathroom with a large Jacuzzi and a building with a bed. The adaptation consists in the fact that a dexterous and lively masseuse accumulates hot water, perfectly foams water with fragrant soap, and then dips the customer there. Not for massage – for washing! Asians have it strictly – the guest must be neat and fresh. Also, the washing process itself is considered the basic stage of body massage, since everything starts from it. The naked masseuse not only cleans the customer, but also synchronously influences the most bodily parts. Certain guests get intimate relaxation in the jacuzzi. And, of course, the massage does not end there.

Round 2: body massage

The whole card of Thai love massage is that a woman performs all actions not with her hands, but with her whole body. After washing, the customer is placed on an inflated mattress, poured over with foamy oil. And now, after this, the woman with her whole body begins to slide over the guest. Since Asian women are very fragile, they can do it quickly and without problems. At the same time, women often slide not only along the bottom, but also climb under the guy. Touching one naked body with another causes indescribable feelings, from which most also ejaculate. If the customer is a woman, then she is simply actively prepared for the upcoming step, if she does not refuse it.

Round 3: sex

Body massage for a strong half of humanity in Thailand involves sex. This is included in the cost of services. And if you strive, you can refuse, of course. The masseuses, after rubbing the customer’s own body, bathe him again and send him to bed. Sex is always protected and by choice: classic or oral. In other words, massage is some kind of erotic foreplay. As for the girls, they can give up sex and enjoy just body massage. At the same time, any room that provides body massage services offers any masseuse to choose from, and not any of them is ready to communicate with the client.