Eromassage at home

How to give erotic pleasure at home

Erotic massage helps to get rid of psychological and physical fatigue. Touching different parts of the body allows you to relax and enjoy. An intimate massage for a wife is a great opportunity to show tenderness to the other half and strengthen close relationships between partners. If the spouses have cooled to each other, then erotic massage is an effective way to kindle passion and sexual appetite.

Gently knead each toe, foot, and between the toes. There are many nerve endings on the feet, stimulating them will give the partner a lot of pleasure. From stroking they pass to kneading with the edge of the palm or phalanges of the fingers. With the hands, follow the same pattern – first gentle stroking, then more intense kneading.

Classic massage includes rubbing, pressing, kneading different parts of the body with your hands. Erotic or intimate massage is complemented by gentle stroking of the partner’s entire body and kisses. This technique came to us from the East. For example, in China, the duration of intercourse was controlled by stimulating certain points, and in India, stimulating touching was accompanied by the application of aromatic oils.

Erotic massage of the buttocks or thighs in terms of the intensity of physical impact significantly differs from the procedure with hands or feet. These areas are less sensitive, so they can be pinched and lightly patted. The inner thigh is very sensitive to touch. Vigorous stimulation will make your partner aroused, but she should be soothed with gentle strokes.

For a planned erotic surprise to be pleasant and exciting, it is necessary to create an appropriate environment. For this you will need:

Relaxation is facilitated by a warm bath, you can start an erotic massage with it. Before touching, be sure to warm up your hands and lubricate them with cream. This will make the skin of the palms softer, fingers will gently slide over the body of your beloved.

A prerequisite is the application of oil or a special cream on the man’s hands and the woman’s body. If you are sure of your partner’s aroma preferences, feel free to use oil with her favorite scent.

The surface on which you want to lay your wife should not be soft. The room should be warm, because during the massage the partners are naked, and the procedure lasts from half an hour to an hour.

Erotic massage takes place at a different pace. Their effect depends on the intensity of the actions – gentle slow strokes relax the partner, and fast ones stimulate. At this intimate moment, keep conversations to a minimum, or rather keep quiet. Hands will speak for you, expressing love with the language of gentle strokes and touches.

The peculiarity of erotic massage lies in the gradual increase in the stimulating effect, which will end in passionate sex.

A woman’s body is full of mysteries, making an erotic massage, you need to monitor her reaction, this will reveal new erogenous zones.

Do not start an intimate massage session in a bad mood, it is better to transfer it to a more suitable day; Well moisturize the skin of the hands and the woman’s body; Carefully observe the partner’s reaction, you can get a lot of useful information about her erogenous zones; Never sit on a woman, sit on the side or over the head, depending on the massaged area of ​​the body; One of the rules of erotic massage is not to take your hands off the body. Prepare everything you need within reach. So that you do not have to get up and leave your wife, breaking the established bond. Erotic massage is an intimate process, almost the same as sex, so you can only get pleasure with complete understanding and trust of partners.

Tips for performing erotic massage:

Massaging his wife at home is a pleasant surprise from a man who wants to strengthen emotional contact and awaken the woman’s sexual energy. The intimate nature of caresses will bring physical and emotional pleasure to the partner. Stroking different parts of the body will help you better identify the erogenous zones. An intimate massage at home does not have clear rules, the main thing is to help the wife relax, to divert attention from everyday problems and to awaken sensuality.

Essential oils have a powerful effect on the psychological state of a woman. They make you completely relax or, conversely, awaken sexual desire. But if your partner is prone to allergies, use a hypoallergenic lotion.