Body massage

Body massage

Салон эротического массажаFor centuries, people have been studying their own body, perfecting themselves and looking for new methods of receiving pleasure. One of these ways is erotic massage. Body massage is an unusual game in which gentle touches alternate with kisses and gentle strokes. Skillfully performed erotic massage can deliver no less pleasure than actual sex.
In order for the massage to give your man great pleasure, make sure that he relaxes well and thinks only about you, and not about his own work. A warm bath is great for relaxing. I think your beloved man will not mind if you gently rub his lower back or rub shampoo into the scalp with massaging movements. At the end of the bath, put your beloved in bed and begin to massage.

It is better to go to erotic massage slowly. In other words, you first massage his legs and arms. There are quite a few active points on the legs and arms, on this basis, massage of the palms and feet will not only increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension, but also bring it into a relaxed state. And this is what you need.

Yes, for some men, huge toes are erogenous territory. I realize that not every lady will be able to passionately and affectionately kiss passionately the toes of her own man, but it’s worth trying.

We move from the legs and arms to the lower back – in your arsenal there are gentle gentle kneading and stroking. It is necessary to start with very light strokes, with practically no pressure on the skin.

Slowly, you increase the speed of your movements and the intensity of pressing. It is possible to move your hands in a circle or up and down. Do not overdo it, otherwise your beloved man will feel not like in paradise, but like in a torture chamber.

But, at the time when you begin to do an erotic massage to a man, tenderness can lull you to sleep in the truest sense of the word. So that the man does not fall asleep during the massage, change strokes with kisses. The lower part of the neck is especially sensitive to kissing, the place and ear lobe is on the lower back, just above the coccyx.

But, remember about the personal zest of each man – perhaps your man will not have any special feelings for a kiss on the neck and ear. But he may be delighted with the massage of the buttocks. Stroke, rub, perhaps also playfully slap it on the bottom, or bite it easily.