Erotic massage Kiev

Every normal person associates the word “erotica” with intimate relationships shrouded in some kind of mystery. And even in our age of sexual freedom, erotic sensuality between people is not customary to flaunt. However, everyone knows that the logical conclusion of any sexual relationship is the achievement of pleasure and contentment.

Surely many modern people have heard such an expression as “erotic massage https://supermassage.com.ua/en/“. But few people know what types of erotic massage are. In fact, there are quite a few of them, and each species differs from each other, first of all, by erogenous zones, which are skillfully influenced by professional girls-masseuses, as well as by the methods of influence themselves.

Regardless of what type of erotic massage will be used, first of all, all the body movements of a beautiful naked girl are aimed at helping her partner to relax as much as possible. It is nudity that largely helps to tone the body, since in addition to relaxation, a person experiences an incredible surge of sexual energy. Before the erotic act, a classic massage is traditionally performed. Gentle hands, centimeter by centimeter, knead tired muscles, blood is rapidly spreading throughout the body, filling every cell of the body with vitality. A wave of warmth and tranquility envelops a person, and the lines between dreams and reality are erased, forcing a complete distraction from pressing problems.

Classic or relaxing erotic massage is precisely this – to achieve peace and tranquility. All the action takes place in a cozy atmosphere with a corresponding interior, where relaxing music sounds and no one interferes with receiving heavenly pleasure.

In turn, classic erotic massage can be not only relaxing, but also stimulating. At the same time, the girl’s movements are very active, fast, warming up. Tapping and pressing techniques are used to awaken sensuality and invigorate the body in an incredible way.

Very often, erotic and classical massage is combined with each other, and after the stimulating movements, the massage therapist goes on to relaxing procedures. It all depends on what kind of sensations her partner wants to get.

Only one classic erotic massage includes a huge number of ways to bring a partner to the highest point of bliss. After all, the most important thing in erotic massage is that one person gets pleasure, while the other delivers it. One hundred percent dedication of professional girls-masseuses gives amazing results when a partner, moaning with pleasure, forgets about everything in the world. Only such an attitude can be called the real art of erotic massage.

It is the classic erotic massage that is increasingly becoming a pleasant alternative to sex.

Only after experiencing all the charm of such caresses one can fully realize why the art of erotic massage has not lost its relevance for many centuries, but is only becoming more and more popular.

Sexy massage

Sexual massage is a simple method of relaxing the body and one of the direct ways to establish a deep connection with another person. Massage is also a method of compassion and expression of love and plays a key role among the arts of love.
The main principle of massage is the need to create an equal balance of energy in the body: it is not necessary to massage only one part of the body, forgetting about the second parts, but while stimulating one side of the body, one must not forget about the corresponding meridians of the other side.

Non-specialized erotic massage is one of the best tonics, and an excellent method to get to know the peculiarities of the erogenous territories of a loved one. Massage, like an amorous game, should be reciprocal.

It is preferable to show the places where the massage will be especially pleasant, making unintelligible sounds, rather than words, because specific instructions such as “slightly down with the left hand” can weaken the erotic effect. Over time, a personal code of movements and sounds will develop. In an intimate setting, massage does not depend on the prescribed rules or techniques. Competence is largely intuitive and appears spontaneously, provided that a sense of trust prevails.

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The benefits of erotic massage

Erotic massage, in terms of its effect on a person, is considered to be direct opportunities for controlling the physical and psycho-emotional state of a person.

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Scientists argue that a person’s health and mood depends on sexual energy. In erotic massage, a gentle variety in the pace of movements is considered. The slower the speed, the sooner the partner relaxes. And the accelerated movements turn erotic massage into a stimulating one. Soft rubbing movements have a positive effect on blood circulation and perfectly promote muscle relaxation. A huge variety of massage techniques helps us choose the ones that ideally suit your partner.

Massaging the muscles of the back and legs differs in many ways from massaging sensitive areas of the body. You are able to master the gentle strokes, which are most often used in massage, and this is considered a universal technique from which massage begins and ends on any part of the body. With erotic massage, everything happens naturally and you just need to start exploring each other by stroking and touching. Smooth, gentle touches with your fingertips to the body of your beloved is a powerful stimulant. It has been proven that contact with the body of a loved one should be constant.

When changing position, your hand should always lie on your partner’s back when you try to reach for the towel with your other hand. When you need to do something with your hands on the side of your loved one’s body, then at this moment put his head on your knees or touch him with your thigh. When moving slowly to another part of your partner’s body, try to be very close to him and we advise you to avoid sudden movements. When doing massage, try not to comment on the figure of your partner, this will slow down the atmosphere of trust. Try to speak less during your massage. At the beginning of the massage – an intimate touch on the thigh of a loved one and a light gentle stroking of the back from top to bottom is very exciting.